Pride Flag Rainbows


I've been blown away by the feedback, that I’ve received, from customers about my 2024 LGBTQIA+ Pride Calendar. The design for one particular month – September – proved to be a favourite. The overlapping rainbows, filled with the bands of colour from individual Pride Flags found within the LGBTQIA+ Community, is a bright and joyful motif. And I’m thrilled that it resinated with so many.

Olivia, at Celebrate With Pride in Glasgow, got in touch with me on Instagram about this image. She asked if it could be put on to gift wrap, mugs, coasters, or simply anything, because she loved it so much. And as she asked so nicely, I thought that I would experiment with the composition and see how it looked when applied to other items.

The results are in, and you will now find my Rainbows: Pride Flags Greetings Cards and Rainbows: Pride Flags Ceramic Mugs in my [g]store. I’m monitor how these items perform, and if there’s a demand, then coasters featuring this motif will follow later in the year.

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